Creating Ospertunities for Independence 

I feel like I’m living for the weekend at the moment.

Its been a busy week. Dylan had a monthly educational workshop at the beginning of the week so we’re chasing our tails trying to catch up with all the resources and changes that amass from the meeting.

Still its the weekend now and I’m trying to encourage Dylans independence with interactions in shops and in public. It’s tough to teach when every situation and scenario is different. Also a lot could change with the ‘Great British Public’ who tend to look past Dylan and ask Dad or I what Dylan would want when they’re presented with the iPad from him. 

C’mon. Its not like you people don’t know how and Ipad works?! Jeez.

But Dylan doesn’t let this dampen his enthusiasm. Especially when there’s crisps to be brought. 🙂

Out for a Saturday stroll and we stop for a coffee. Dylan chose a milk shake but once we’re all sat down with our drinks Dylan asked on his IPad for a cola. I told him he had money, he can go get one. I literally had to ask everyone to sit down and let him do it. The anxiety from the whole family around Dylan managing this alone was unreal!

What’s the worst that could happen? The waiter may not understand. Dylan forgets to pay? So what? We’re all here with him. It’ll be fine!

Dylan goes with his iPad and gets in the queue skipping and hopping like the Duracell bunny but he waits where he needs to until the young lady serving tries to take his order.

Her face!? She looks totally out of her comfort zone at Dylan showing her the iPad and making his request. Again I remind everyone to sit down; Dylans got this. 

He looked straight at her. He turned the device round and calmly placed it in her hands so she could read it. 

‘Oh okay’ she says and scuttles off to get his beverage. 

We gesture to Dylan from our table to get his money ready and when she comes back to him with his drink he hands her his card to pay.

Dylan has an Osper prepayment card for children which had a chip and pin number so he doesn’t need to carry lots of money with him. He knows his pin off by heart, knows which end to put in the machine and knows to wait before removing it.

Transaction complete.

Quite a queue had grown by this time and Dylan had his iPad, his drink (which would always be the priority item!) his wallet and now the Osper card to put away. He left his wallet on the counter and brought over the other items to the table. He needed reminding to get his wallet or otherwise he would have just left it and a kind lady in the queue held it or for Dylan to take it.  

I would’ve liked him to thank her but often unprepared situations or members of the public don’t allow the time needed for a successful aac response. 

Maybe next time.

Everyone at the table congratulated Dylan on how well he did. Almost like they were surprised. Not me. I know he can do it.

He has the Osper card, he has the skills, he certainly has the drive. All he needs now are the opportunities. It’s becoming more and more apparent that we are not giving Dylan the opportunities to develop his confidence in these situations.
After this we went to the supermarket and Dylan used the iPad to ask for some cracker samples, he requested to buy some crisps and then went and attempted to use the self service machine. More support was needed for this but his enthusiasm and determination to achieve success is, as always, admirable.

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